The rest of KOAM’s 500-foot tower comes down

Within a few hours, the rest of KOAM’s original 500-foot tower came down. It dates back to 1953 when KOAM signed on.

During its construction in ’53, folks from the area lined their cars up along Highway 69 to watch. There were some pretty incredible sights then, and there have been some pretty incredible sights throughout this process.

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Precision Communication’s tower crew has been working hard! They scale the towers, ensuring safety and are a great team on and off the ground.

KOAM’s 500-foot tower hasn’t been used since 2009. A storm damaged the tower, taking it out of service. It has continued attracting lightning during thunderstorms and ice during the winter. Often, when the ice starts melting, it falls directly on the KOAM building below. So, for safety reasons, it came down.

This is part of a much larger project. KOAM will soon have MORE POWER!

A Heads up for Future Reception!

KOAM will soon broadcast from a lower, temporary antenna. While this may impact your reception, it’s only temporary and a step closer to More Power!

The FCC approved KOAM-TV and KFJX-TV (FOX14) to increase the station’s transmitter power and antenna strength.

In May, the tower crew from Precision Communications installed a temporary antenna on KOAM’s 1,000-foot tower. It’s about 760-feet up. This is in preparation for taking down the two main antennas at the very top.

Temporary Antenna On 1000 Foot Tower

A temporary antenna is installed on KOAM’s 1,000-foot tower (May 12, 2022)

KOAM Image

While those main antennas are down… KOAM still wants to output a signal until crews get the new antennas up. That’s why the temporary antenna was installed.

Once the new, more technically-advanced antennas are installed at the top of the 1,000-foot tower, we’ll switch back over and residents will have a better signal than before.

Our more-powerful transmitter and new antenna will even bring KOAM back to some viewers who lost our signal, after the digital conversion more than a decade ago.

The improvements aren’t just for KOAM, but FOX-14, Me-TV, The CW… 10 channels of News, entertainment, lifestyles & shopping – all free over the air.

So, please bear with us, if reception gets worse in the short run. It’s a sign that More Power is on the way.

You can find historical videos, images, a live interactive stream and more updates on the KOAM More Power project here!

Other Ways to Watch KOAM News

While many watch KOAM for free over the air, you can also catch newscasts on your digital devices.

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You can also catch stories on our KOAM News Now YouTube page!