The Miami Good Neighbor Project distributes free food to families in the 4 states to help during COVID-19

Volunteers help distribute 10 pounds of chicken, a box of produce and milk to each family every week.
Miami Good Neighbor

MIAMI, Okla. -What started in Bless Parker’s home as a way to help local community members get food during the COVID-19 pandemic…has now grown into a much bigger nonprofit organization.

“I wanted to put a sense of community behind this, I grew up here and the community always got behind each other, I’ve seen that kind of fade away over the years, I want to bring that back, I want this community to help take care of one another.”

The Miami Good Neighbor Project has grown with help from the Oklahoma Emergency Response Team providing warehouse space.
And now with a partnership with the USDA farmers to families food box program, they are able to distribute free food to everyone.

“This is just a project that helps the farmers get their product out so it doesn’t go bad and helps us feed the families of the four states because we’re helping families from Missouri, Kansas Arkansas and Oklahoma” added Parker.

Volunteers help distribute 10 pounds of chicken, a box of produce and milk to each family every week.

“It’s fulfilling, I get something out of doing for our community, for the people around me, and I bring my kids with me a lot of the times so I can help teach them to have a giving heart too” said volunteer, Jacqueline McKibben.

With thousands of cars lined up waiting each day.

“We all struggle every day. all the time. to make ends meet and what he’s doing is such a blessing to him and our community” said local resident, Helen Green as she was waiting in line to pick up food.

But it hasn’t come without obstacles, the warehouse has experienced a couple break ins already and there have been reports of some people accepting the projects food but then selling it elsewhere.

Parker says it’s disheartening to see things like that happen when they are just trying to provide for the community.

“We’re giving it to you for your family and not to be sold and if you’re going to be selling it we could give that to someone else that really needs it.”

But he’s not letting it get him down…and will continue operating the project for as long he can.

“I think a lot of times we kind of get in our little bubble and see what’s going on in our families but we don’t really look outside of that and as community members we got to look outside our bubble because the needs there and its always been there” added Parker.

The project is expected to continue their partnership with the USDA through August.

They are always looking for volunteers and monetary donations. More information and contact information can be found on their Facebook page.