The Learning Curve: Special Reports On Education During COVID-19, Part 3

Josh, Mikayla, and Tyler; three students who've had to make choices about how they will go to school.
Student Follow Along Part 3

(KOAM NEWS) – Josh, Mikayla, and Tyler; three students who’ve had to make choices about how they will go to school.

These students and their parents agreed to share their experiences, so we can all get an education about what it is like to learn amid a pandemic.

We have covered this in a 3-part series. This is the final part. We wanted to know how their different types of learning this year impacts the rest of their lives.

Mikayla Farino, a Joplin High School Senior splits her classes between online and in person.

“I’m getting a lot more free time then I normally would like I said I’m a very busy person, free time is hard to come by for me but I discovered with the half and half I have a lot more free time to focus on myself and hanging out with friends etc.”

She says sometimes it’s hard when her friends go to school on different days.

“You go on the days with your last name, so if one of my friends doesn’t have a last name with a certain letter they won’t go on the same days as me so that kind of affects things in seeing my friends.”

Josh Robertson is going to school in person, or at least that was the plan.  Josh’s mom was diagnosed with COVID, putting him on the sideline for two weeks.

He says he felt lonely stuck at home, not being able to play football or see his friends.

“Missing all the sports games, missing my teammates.”

He was looking forward to life getting back to normal.

“Tuesday I get out and this weekend I’m going to hang out with all my friends, all my buddies, go to a football game I can’t wait. A lot of them are like we miss you, why haven’t you been at school, and its like I just want to be there with them again.”

Tyler Schneider, is homeschooling. In the past month his homeschooling co-op, a time where homeschooled students come together to do classes and activities, started back up.

“It’s usually about ten kids actually, my last class was only 3 kids, plus me.”

Tyler says he gets to know more people through the co-op.

“I get to see my best friends, sometimes after we get into small groups and go to places for like dinners and lunches.”

Thank you to the three students that took part in this series.

And although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes for students across the country, it goes to show their resilience to change and ability to adapt.