The Learning Curve: Special Reports On Education During COVID-19, Part 2

One month after going back to school we checked in.
Student Follow Along Part 2

(KOAM NEWS) – Josh, Mikayla and Tyler; three students who’ve had to make choices about how they will go to school..

These students and their parent’s agreed to share their experiences, so we can all get an education about what it’s like to learn in the midst of a pandemic.  One month after going back to school we checked in.

Mikayla Farino splits her time between remote and in person learning at Joplin High School.  She says there are challenges with learning in person and online.

“It’s kind of hard to balance classes like that because you don’t know whether an assignment is in person or you do it at home or if you’re going to be taught and stuff like that so it’s kind of hard to balance the on and off days.”

Many teachers at Joplin High School offer the mix of in person and online.

“What I hear in my classes is they want to learn every day, at first they kind of liked the idea of being home but now they’re to the point they really like that were doing the conferencing when they’re at home. So they are thanking me for doing that, but most kids are to the point where they want to be here” said Joplin Math Teacher, Jim Whitney.

Mikayla says she still finds that 50-50 option benefits her the most.

“If the school wants to go back to everyone all day everyday then obviously I would have to do that, but if I could do this as an option for the rest of the year most definitely I would keep doing it this way.”

For Tyler Schneider, homeschooling has not changed much.

He alternates learning from home and from his grandma’s house.

“It’s not really that different, I’m just learning from two different places.”

He still enjoys being homeschooled and feels like he is excelling.

“I’m actually learning more, way more. I took my standardized tests in the spring, they came back in the other week and I’m doing better than high schoolers.”

When we first checked in with Josh Robertson he was excited to be back in school full time at Webb City High School.

“I had to quarantine for two weeks because my mom tested positive it was really like my teachers didn’t do the best I guess at communicating what I had to do. They were kind of like here’s your assignments look up how to do them.”

Learning online has been a struggle for him.

“I find it so much harder and struggling than just going in school and I definitely would not want to switch to online school.”

“He’s definitely struggling a little bit and I think even in the next week or two he’s going to have to do some makeup and get in with some of his teachers for some study sessions or makeup tests or whatever to make sure his grades get back up because it was just hard for him to self-teach himself” added his mom, Kelli Bourgeous.

Josh is now out of quarantine and back to school.

“So excited I finally get to see all my teachers, have them yell at me for not turning stuff in, have to learn everything back but yeah I’m really excited to get back to in person.”

This was part two in our series of reports. Follow along as we will tell you next how our students learning styles have affected their social lives.