The latest on local vaccine plans in Missouri

JOPLIN/NEOSHO, Mo. – States have begun moving into the next phases of their COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans. That’s left some wondering what their next steps are if they’re eligible under the new phases.

Missouri announced it was moving into the next steps of COVID vaccine distribution. However, there’s not any vaccine available…yet, but that hasn’t stopped the Joplin Health Department from starting to make plans. Joplin Health Department Director Ryan Talken says “We’re waiting on the vaccine, once we get that we will put out a series of press releases, letting everybody know where the site is, what groups are currently eligible at that time, how to sign up and so on.”

The Newton County Health Department doesn’t have any vaccine yet either, but they’re hopeful some will be in soon. Newton County Health Department Administrator Larry Bergner says “We have been able to make our first order, we have over 400 doses of vaccine and don’t know many of those we will get, we’re hoping to get the full allotment, and we don’t know the exact date we’ll receive it, I hope that we’ll receive it next week.”

Newton County has also been making plans for distribution. “So the public can now register to receive the vaccination by going to our website, Newton County Health dot org, and we have a space there that you can send an email to administration.”

Then, they play the waiting game for the vaccine to arrive. “Once we receive the vaccine, those who are registered, we will make phone calls to let them know we have the vaccine and here’s the date that we’re offering you that vaccine.”

Missouri also has a number of registered distributors, which include pharmacy chains like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS, and locally owned pharmacies, like Stones Corner. They also have an online registration option. Stones Corner Pharmacist and Owner Chad Isaacs says “So, as soon as we have the vaccine, we will be contacting people to let them know that we have the vaccine, we’d like to get you scheduled and then time slots so that we can efficiently move people in and out, so they will know as soon as it becomes available.”

Isaacs says there’s an alternative if you can’t get online. “If somebody is unable to go to our website they’re more than welcome to call us, we can walk through that, we can do those steps for them so that we can put in their information and they’ll know that they’re on our list and will be contacted when it’s time.”

Newton County also has a similar off-line option.

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Missouri Vaccine Provider Map:

Vaccine information from Missouri Governor Mike Parson:

There will be three main ways to receive the vaccine. Right now, there is an exceptionally limited supply of vaccine…

Posted by Governor Mike Parson on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Crawford County, Kansas Vaccine Information:

Phase 2 Vaccination plans are ready to be activated as soon as we receive the vaccine.

Our hopes are that the vaccine…

Posted by Crawford County Health Department on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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