The Kansas Task Force 1 team returns home from Hurricane Dorian assistance

Chanute and Pittsburg Fire Departments among them

The Kansas Task Force 1 team has returned home from assisting in Hurricane Dorian response efforts.
42 first responders from across Kansas were sent to Florida a week ago. They arrived there on Tuesday and by Thursday they were headed to assist in North Carolina.

“I was one of 42 people from Kansas to represent in the state of Kansas, so it makes you feel honored to do that” said Chanute Fire Captain, Dale Lowry.

Firefighters from the Chanute and Pittsburg fire departments joined others from across the state. They were prepared to perform search and rescue missions. Upon arrival, they waited for instruction on where to go and what to do. While there, they conducted many training sessions.
The team primarily assisted with humanitarian help.

“Of the 31 teams that was deployed there were no missions for the out-of-state teams, the storm ended up staying off the coast and ours was, turned into a totally humanitarian” added Pittsburg Fire Captain, Taylor Cerne.

Captain Cerne says it’s the support of the City and their department that makes opportunities like this possible.

“To have a City and a fire department that is behind us on this is absolutely amazing. A lot of departments aren’t given the go ahead to travel across the state, let alone multiple state lines. It just shows there’s pride in the community and the country as a whole, and that they are willing to send us out, and we are willing to go.”

Both Captains agreed that getting to help in that time of need was worthwhile.

“No matter how small, you made a difference in their life during that day and that hour of need. Yes, I would absolutely go again” added Captain Cerne.

“If they called and asked me to go again today, I would load right up and go” said Captain Lowry.

The team returned home Sunday evening.


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