The impact of COVID-19 on the Humane Society

Our friend Jasmine Kyle gives us an update on the Humane Society's role in the community during this difficult time.

Given the impact the Coronavirus pandemic is having on our 4-state area, we checked in with Jasmine Kyle, a friend of the show and the Business & Promotions Manager of the SEK Humane Society.

Jasmine explained that it’s been extremely difficult for the organization, and that they’re not the only ones. Chapters across the country are struggling to get necessary supplies such as buckets of kitty litter, bleach for cleaning, and even toilet paper for employees.

That being said, they’ve come together as an organization to find a way. Jasmine is currently working on a potential food bank program for the community to have access to pet food. The program is still in the works, and the organization will have more details once they finishes establishing program partners to create this resource for the community.

While the shelter is currently closed, it is still accepting donations and the staff is answering any questions the community may have, either through their Facebook page or via email at

For example, Jasmine helped Jesse properly adopt this stray cat over the weekend:

Jesses Cat

Watch the Q&A they did on Facebook here:

We're joined by Jasmine Kyle from the SEK Humane Society!She's here to update us on how their organization is operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, and talk all things animal-related.For more info and the answers to any of your questions, visit their page or you can email Jasmine at!

Posted by Jesse Irwin – KOAM FOX14 on Tuesday, April 14, 2020