The hunt for meaning with PHS’s production of Pippin

Pippin…is different.

Pianist: It’s so captivating and I think it’s one of those stories that’s going to make the audience ponder this show for a long time.

Crew: We have costumes, lights, props, and everything flying around backstage.

It’s one of the few shows where there are more people involved behind the scenes than in them, which naturally makes for a rise in…

Crew: The adrenaline and the stress, which is kind of weird. I like being stressed, I guess.

Crew: I’m planning on going in this direction in the future for theater, so it helps a lot.

Pippin tells the story of a prince and his search for the meaning in life. For the students in the cast and crew, this pursuit of happiness is what makes Pippin so relatable and…

McKenna: …weird, just in the writing and the way we’re doing it, but in such a good way. It’s first of all, a show within a show – we are playing actors who are playing characters. And those characters are in themselves struggling with who they are and who they want to be. Me being a senior, I’m trying to figure out where I fit. In college but also just in life.

Gabriel: And along the way, you want to know if what you’re doing is right for you.

McKenna: And I don’t think it only applies to youth and adolescents. I think everyone is constantly asking themselves that, and that’s why this show is so important.

Pippin is a lot of things, but above all, it’s a reminder that life is an endless journey to find our corner.