City: Growth in local manufacturing industry contributes to Pittsburg thriving

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The growth in the local manufacturing industry contributes to a thriving Pittsburg economy, according to the City.

Dr. Michael Davisson of Pittsburg State University conducted an economic report that states jobs and payroll are both up this year.

Several local manufacturing businesses have recently expanded their footprint in Pittsburg and added jobs including Avail Enclosure Systems, Eagle Pitcher Technologies, Kendall Packages, Vinylples, and US Award to name a few. That’s according to the City of Pittsburg and the report.

The number of jobs in 2022 so far has increased by 2.6%, which the City says is a record, and payroll in manufacturing is up 16.9 percent. The City of Pittsburg says this shows the local manufacturing industries are doing really well.

According to the economic report, manufacturing in Pittsburg contributes to 2.05% of all private-sector jobs and represents the second largest non-government employment in the local area.

The City says Pittsburg manufacturing has outperformed the national manufacturing industry, which has not yet fully recovered from the pandemic.

Beyond the manufacturing industry, the report points to several other factors currently contributing to Pittsburg’s thriving local economy. Click here to learn more about Pittsburg or to download the full report.