The four golden rules for firearm safety

Jesse hits the shooting range with Mike Trim to learn the four golden rules for gun safety.

Rule Number 1: Guns aren’t toys. Treat them as if they’re always loaded and treat them with the proper respect and gravity they deserve.

Rule Number 2: Never touch the trigger until YOU have made a conscious and thoughtful decision to shoot. Regardless of if the safety is on, you should always keep your finger off the trigger until you’re sure you want to fire the gun.

Rule Number 3: Never point a gun at anything you’re not prepared to shoot. When holstering a gun, make sure to keep its muzzle pointed away from you or anyone else to ensure you don’t accidentally shoot yourself or something around you.

Rule Number 4: Know your target and what is behind them. This will ensure that no one is accidentally shot when firing at a target, especially if you miss or the bullet passes through your target.