The City of Parsons welcomes new rail service

The City of Parsons approves a $300,000 forgivable loan for a new company.
City leaders believe this company could be a white knight, after Kanza Services was shut down by the Kansas Department of Revenue.
But the city’s commissioners placed conditions on incentives to lure the new company to parsons.
“Hopefully some of those folks affected by the Kanza issues will be able to reapply for that position and get them back to work,” said Parsons Public Information Officers Kari West. The city welcomes Harbor Railroad Services to the community.
“This is a great thing for the City of Parsons for us to say we have 80 new jobs coming in the next three years, 50 of those coming in the next year,” said West.
The company will have to add 80 jobs over the next 3 years.
“We are a small community of 10,500 and to have 80 new jobs and good paying jobs with good benefits is extremely important,” said Parsons Economic Development Director Carolyn Kennett. The unemployment rate for Labette County is 8.5% according to U.S. Labor statistics. The recent closure of Kanza Services didn’t help the number. Kanza was forced to shut its doors in August for not paying taxes.
“As new jobs are added or retained in the community they spend their pay checks here,” said Kennett.
West says. “A lot of those folks are still here their kids are still in the school districts were just trying to find opportunities for them to be able to gain employment and use their skill set.”