The best EMS conference in the region is free and begins Monday

Guardians of the Heart (GOTH) runs three days, “This event is for anyone in any state,” Quapaw Nation Fire & EMS Deputy Chief Dean Post tells us

OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. — This week marks the 7th year of  The Guardians of the Heart Conference (GOTH).  The 3-day conference begins Monday at Downstream Casino and Resort. February 21-23, 2022, it’s been said to be the best EMS conference in the region.

Deputy Chief Dean Post of Quapaw Nation Fire & EMS shares with us the conference is completely free for anyone to attend. One can register online but can also attend regardless of registration.  The costs are covered by generous sponsors every year. 

Who is this conference for? “Anyone from EMT Basic all the way to to physicians. Really anyone healthcare related.” That includes nurses, nursing students, police, firefighters, first-responders.  Edcucation and certification levels specifically to benefit include: EMT, EMTA, EMTP, NP, LPN, RN, MD, Law Enforcement, Firefighter, and even general public, therapists, counselors etc. 

Although this free conference is held in Oklahoma, “This event is for anyone in any state,” Deputy Chief Post says, “there will be some even coming from Texas.”

The classes during the conference are topics that relate to anyone in healthcare, applying to many EMS and first-responder events:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Trauma Vignettes
  • Well, That’s Just Smashing… (crush injuries)
  • Man vs. Machine (hot topic course)
  • First Aid and Trauma in the Wildland World
  • Myths in Emergency Medicine
  • Multi-Lead ECG Interpretation
  • Normal Vs. Special Needs; Let’s Redefine Normal
  • Be Where Your Feet Are…Building Your Own Resiliency
  • There is No ‘I’ in Airway
  • To the Nth Degree…A new look at Burns
  • “Waiting to Exhale: Capnography” (1 hour)
  • U Can’t Touch This: How NOT to screw up evidence collection at a crime scene
  • The Right Stuff: Critical Thinking Application (1 hour)
  • Extreme Cases in Pediatric Trauma III
  • Pediatric Head Trauma: Case Study
  • G.R.A.C.I.E ™
  • Acute Decompensated Heart Failure
  • Death by Ventilator
  • How Low Can You Go? Emergency Severity Index in the ER
  • Short Circuit: Seizures (1 hour)
  • “Sort them Out”: S-A-L-T Triage in an MCI (1 hour)
  • An Extraordinary Mind: The Basics of Mental Illnesses
  • History’s Mysteries: Interesting Ways Famous People Have Died (1 hour)
  • “Emergent Skills Required for the Peri-Arrest or Arrested Patient – A Web-a-Daver Experience”

The conference course times, descriptions and more details can be viewed by clicking here or scroll below.

The conference will also host a vendor space where one can connect with the companies sharing the latest products, technology and information for EMS related entities.

  • Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles
  • Southern Uniform
  • Medic Built LLC
  • Peregrine Corporation
  • Mercy Hospital
  • Henry Shein EMS
  • OSU Fire Service Training
  • KU Health System
  • Smith Two-Way Radio
  • Ferno
  • Oklahoma Homeland Security
  • Missouri EMS Funeral Response
  • Cox Health
  • Conrad Fire Equipment






Keynote speaker is David Mellen of Valor Fire Training.  The keynote, ‘The Perfect Storm: Preventing Operational Catastrophe’.

With the ever-changing roles in fire and emergency services there are many opportunities for our organizations to shine. Just as importantly, there are as many opportunities as possible for our organizations to suffer the ramifications of poor decisions. Often after a bad event, organizations realized that there were red flags that were either ignored or missed which contributed to the development of “The Perfect Storm”.

This lecture is based on both industry and personal tragedies that could have been avoided. It discusses common red flags and situations which must be addressed and corrected to keep our brothers and sisters safe. From morale issues to safety concerns, equipment failures to changing standard operating procedures, the process of forecasting what could happen in the future is the same. Students will learn effective ways to manage the risks and create a culture of change whether they are a probationary member or the Chief.

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