The art of Liz Darling: one paintings trip from Kansas to Hollywood.

Liz Darling: I feel like lately I’ve been reassessing my intrinsic versus extrinsic motivations for creating work, and it’s interesting that I’m getting a lot of extrinsic feedback at a time where I’m most focused on intrinsic motivations for making it.

Liz Darling wasn’t looking for attention, but that is exactly what her work is getting.

Liz: Well I made it back in 2014, so it’s kind of an older piece. For me, it was about the intersection of feminism with Christianity and just the way that women tend to be marginalized within Abrahamic faiths.

At some point, the painting ended up in the web browser of a Hollywood mover and shaker.

Liz: They could’ve come across it on Facebook or Etsy, I honestly don’t know.

She knows what came next.

Liz: So I got an email from someone a few months back about having it on the set. HBO just purchased the rights to print it for the purpose of building the set of the art gallery, and yeah, I’ve just been waiting to see if it made it on.

This past weekend, Liz and her husband Ryan flipped on the HBO series, “Mrs. Fletcher.” Exactly 13 minutes and 20 seconds into the fourth episode of the first season, there it was, putting an end to months of nail biting and anticipation. So how does the creator feel?

Liz: Well we actually just got HBO last week just to sort of see if it had aired yet, so we’ve only been watching for about a week now.

In its debut role, with zero lines of dialogue, Liz Darling’s artwork speaks for itself, and who knows, maybe it’ll make a return later in the season.

Liz: but it’s only on the fourth episode so we could cancel it now and get our money back for our free trial.