The Alliance of SWMO hosts free Parent Cafe


What are Parent Cafe Workshops?
Parent Cafes are physically and emotionally safe spaces where parents and caregivers talk about the challenges and victories of raising a family. Through individual deep self-reflection and peer-to-peer learning, participants explore their strengths, learn about the Protective Factors, and create strategies from their own wisdom and experiences to help strengthen their families.

Cafes are structured discussions that use the principles of adult learning and family support. They are highly sustainable with training reinforcement, institutional support, and a commitment to an approach that engages and affirms parents as leaders. Participants leave Parent Cafes feeling inspired, energized, and excited to put into practice what they’ve learned.

All Parent Cafe Workshops held are different. At times their may be a series of 2 or more with the same target audience. We encourage you to attend as many as possible to gain the most out of the experience. Below is a list of upcoming workshops.


Facebook Page:

Phone: (417) 782-9899

*Dates and locations are subject to change, but will be updated as soon as notification is received. The Parent Cafe Coordinator will notify participants of any updates.

The Alliance of SWMO hosts free Parent Cafe