Technology helps blind Carthage student tutor fellow students

Some Carthage students learning English as a second-language are getting tutoring help from a schoolmate who’s overcome her own obstacle.

She’s blind.

Kelcey Schlichting is a junior at Carthage High School and works every other day usually with three English Language students. They take turns reading out loud with Kelcey helping with comprehension of the high school language arts curriculum and word pronunciations.

Technology helps. Kelcey uses an iPad Mini to work in classrooms with her peers, as well as to download stories. She reads using a braille display keyboard.

She’s passionate about reading and believes that makes an impression on students who might be struggling.

“I honestly think that it’s easier for them because they can tell ‘so, she likes to read, so maybe if she does maybe I can too’ – it might encourage them a little more,” Kelcey says.