Tax Question on Missouri Ballot

Tax Question on Missouri Ballot

When voters in Missouri go to the polls on November 8th, they’ll decide on 5 proposed amendments to the state’s constitution. One of them deals with cities, counties and the state’s ability to tax services.

Airport Drive resident, Ron Vorse, says we’re taxed enough.

“I think government could spend our money wiser than what they do,” Vorse said. “So there’s no need to give them any more to be unwise with.”

He stopped by the Jasper County Republican headquarters, Wednesday. He’s looking for information on several Missouri ballot questions, including Amendment 4, which would prohibit state or local government from adding new sales-use or similar tax on any service or transaction.

“It would seem to me like a pretty good deal,” Vorse said.

As Vorse seems to endorse amendment 4, he’s talking to Rep. Bill White (R). Who, despite the Missouri Republican Platform’s open support of Amendment 4, is against it.

“I am not going to be putting those in my yard, no,” White said, looking at a pro-Amendment 4 yard sign.

He thinks the state government has done a fair job keeping taxes low. and sees the amendment as limiting.

“This kind of ties potentially one of your hands behind your back in how you deal with problems,” White said.

Just to be clear, the amendment would not end sales taxes on items, like when you buy groceries or buy a car. The amendment would keep state and local government from taxing services. Like adding an extra fee for the salesman who sells that car.

“This amendment is really going towards activities and services,” White said. “We’re not going to have to start paying tax on realtors, attorneys, health care. Any sort of a service industry.”

White also fears it may keep the state from lowering income tax. Something he supports.

“[Missouri is] 47th in economic growth,” White said. “We have a lot of bad indicators in Missouri. One of our components is the taxation structure. If after careful study we decide we want to change the taxation structure to go away from income tax this is an impediment to doing that.”

White may not have convinced this Vorse. But the voter says he still has some consideration to do before November.

“There’s a lot of other things on the ballot we need to be educated on,” Vorse said.

You can look at all of the proposed amendments HERE.