Talking hockey with the Keeper of the Stanley Cup

Jesse goes to Joplin City Hall to learn about the most coveted prize in professional hockey, the Stanley Cup. There he chats with Howie Borrow, the Keeper of the Cup.

Howie has spent ten years carrying the cup around the country, and when he’s on watch duty, he never lets it leave his side. He drives with it and even sleeps in the same hotel room as it. He also has to clean the cup every day to keep it sanitized since it stays on a rigorous schedule.

Howie started as a volunteer at the Hockey Hall of Fame and worked his way up to the Keeper over the span of a few years.

Beyond watching over the cup, Howie is also happy to answer questions and tell people the history of the cup. He started at the Hockey Hall of Fame because he wanted to talk hockey and now it’s his job.