Taking aim with a new tradition with Carl Junction Archery

There are many factors that help athletes improve their skills and many ways they’re introduced to that sportin the first place.

Jeremiah Jones: My sister did it the first year Carl had archery, and I was able to go to some of the practices and see what it was all about.

The archery program at Carl Junction is less than a decade old, but it’s evolved a lot.

Chelsi Leggett: Oh boy where to start… It’s grown. I think I’m in my ninth year teaching here.

Now a sophomore at Carl Junction High School, Jeremiah is one of the best archers on the team. One of his teamates, Ivy Walton, is newer to the sport.

Ivy Walton: When I first started I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (laughs)

Last month, they traveled north to the annual Outdoor World Challenge put on by the National Archery in the Schools Program and the International Bowhunters Organization, where the best archers in the world gather for a weekend of competition.

Ivy: They placed boys and girls separately, but then they also did another award where they added up all of your points from Nationals, Worlds, and this tournament so you’re the overall champion for NASP.

Jeremiah: There’s a larger variety of shooters.

Ivy: In my division, over 2,000 girls competing.

Of the 300 possible points, Jeremiah placed second overall in the boys division with a score of 298. And Ivy? Wel since getting into archery 2 years ago, she’s gotten pretty good. How good? She tied for first place with 299 points

Chelsi: : Proud of Ivy (lists accomplishments), and Proud of Jeremiah – he has good work ethic.

There are a lot of ways athletes get better at their sport, even just by facing tougher opponents.

Ivy: I learned what it means to be a teammate and have four people rely on me for my score, but me also rely on them.