doug heady

Wednesday late morning Blog: Severe thunderstorms during the evening

Good late Wednesday morning!  I hope your having a great day so far.  Mine has been pretty good.  I have been checking out the latest data with this next storm system.  Plus, I am getting a few things done around the house before I head into work this afternoon.  Warm and windy for us today with mostly cloudy skies.  We should warm well into the 70s again with thunderstorms picking up during the evening hours.  

Tuesday Night/ Wednesday AM Blog: Severe threat increases.

Good Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning!  I hope you are having a great week so far.  Mine has been pretty good.  Plus, the weather has been fantastic.  I love the warm springtime temps, the winds are a little much, but I will take it.  However, we also have thunderstorms that will increase, some could be strong to severe on Wednesday night.  


Good Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  I did a quick video blog as I am heading out the door for a quick trip to Chicago for my migraines.  Long range forecast is below.

Tuesday AM Blog: Warm temperatures but a strong system working in.

Good Tuesday morning!  I hope your week has started off great!  Mine has been pretty good, busy but good.  I have a crazy couple of days.  I work today, head to KC tonight, fly to Chicago in the morning, go to migraine doctor, back in to KC around midnight Wednesday night, back at work on Thursday.  Plus, we have a storm system to look at on Wednesday.  

Friday Night/Saturday AM Video Blog

Good Friday night/Saturday morning!  Tick tock tick tock, the weeks keep flying by and already summer is right around the corner.  Then the Christmas tree goes up and repeat, lol.  However, I hope you had a great week.  Mine has been busy but good and looking forward to the weekend.  Even though we will have some scattered thunderstorms, temperatures look great.

Thursday Night Blog: Storms for the weekend.

Good Thursday night!  I hope your week has been great!  Mine has been pretty good.  I have been fighting what I call a low grade migraine today.  Meaning, I can take the pain but the nausea stinks.  However, it has turned out to be a good day.  Plus, it is almost Friday!  The weather is going to be amazing.  I have a ton I need to get done, but I really need to mow sometime prior to more thunderstorms by the weekend.  Not much for us now.

Wednesday AM Blog: Warming up with thunderstorms. Plus our next severe weather events!

Good Wednesday morning!  I hope your week is going great so far.  Mine has been pretty good.  I am getting never ending projects done around the house prior to work.  And then never ending work done at work, so ya, pretty good.  Today will great!  We will see clouds increasing and it will be windy, but we should soar into the lower 70s for highs which I will love.