doug heady

Friday Night Blog: Warming up, but storm system on Sunday

Good Friday night!  We made it through another week and the weekend is here!  I can't wait for the nice mild temperatures that are rolling in the next few days.  We do have to deal with the wind, but I will take it.  I need to get outside and fix my dogs electric fence.  The line got chopped in a few spots and my German Shepherd keeps taking trips to the gas station.  Who knows, maybe he has a girlfriend up there.  However, I am shutting this down!  At least the weather will be great!

Friday Night Blog: Month long forecast.

Good Friday night!  I hope you made it through the candy rush and ready for the weekend.  The weather was much better for us today as we warmed into the mid 50s for highs.  We do have a cold front rolling through tonight that will cool us down just a bit.  However, most of the rain will stay north of the area.

Halloween Blog: Cold, but fall will return!

Happy Halloween!  Wow, it is already Halloween.  That is actually crazy that this year has flown so fast.  And, we saw our first snow last night.  We rarely get more than flurries in the month of October.  In fact, going back 100 years it has only happened 4 times.  Remember, we are in this pattern for the next 11 months, so when you get snow this early, we have more to come.  I will do my winter forecast shortly before Thanksgiving.  The bigger systems of the past two weeks will are return...