doug heady

Wednesday AM Blog: Morning showers and cooler. Next storm system and your long range forecast

Good Wednesday morning!  I hope all of you are having a great week so far.  Mine has been pretty good.  I did have Monday off as my son (Christian aka C) has surgery and the first time he was put fully out.  He had an extra tooth, so they knocked him out and cut that sucker out.  I was proud of him, he didn't seem very nervous.  Now he may have been and was acting tough around dad, but he did great!  Plus, he has gotten a ton of ice cream the past couple of days.  

Thursday AM Blog: The winds continue, also turning colder.

Good Thursday morning!  We are flying right through another week.  Saturday and yesterday were two of the most crazy days I remember with wind around here.  We have been dealing with this massive area of low pressure out across KS, now it is tearing up across the northern plains.  The reason we have so much wind is because the pressure was so low.  In fact, it was as low as a cat. 2 hurricane.  The reason we get wind is due to the Low pressure and High pressure trying to equal out pressure. ...

Tuesday AM Blog: Showers and thunderstorms with some heavy amounts of rain.

Good Tuesday morning!  I hope your week started off fantastic.  Mine has been pretty good.  However, I have been fighting a cold sinus crud for a few days.  It may be pretty much spring, but that stuff is still going around.  However, I have been pretty productive the past few days.  At least the temperatures have been great!  It will be a gloomy day today, but at least we are going to deal with super strong storms or any frozen precip across the region.  You can see the rain increasing.

Wednesday AM Blog: Warming up, but thunderstorms! Plus a look at severe weather dates.

Good Wednesday AM.  I hope your week is going great!  Mine has been pretty good so far.  I am over only getting an inch of snow, ugh, okay, I am close to it.  I have been really looking ahead at storm season.  Whether you like it or not, we are going to soar into severe weather season.  So, I want to give you bits of info over the next few blogs going into what I expect, exact dates using the HP (Heady Pattern) and much more.  

Friday AM Blog: Yet another winter storm working in!

Good Friday morning!  We made it through another week.  They keep flying by and it is March!  Here in a blink I am going to be Christmas shopping again.  I was hoping to go to KC this weekend back home and see some high school buddies.  But now with this storm system coming in, I may have to stick around to see if we can get some snow out of this thing.  

Thursday AM Blog: One system out, and another right back in

Good Thursday morning!  Wow, it is Thursday already.  I hope your week is going great so far.  My week has been pretty good, busy but good.  Our weather pattern has been very active in February, it just seems like all we can get is ice, ugh.    However, this next system should be rain over to snow which will work in over the weekend.  Remember, we have gone through 3 full cycles of the Heady Pattern since it started back in late September.  In fact, we are almost done with the 4th and will...

Wednesday AM Blog: Winter weather advisory

Good Wednesday morning!  Are you ready for winter to be over yet?  I know we haven't had the worst winter, but this past month we have had a lot of cold air and ice.  Plus, when was the last day we had a absolute full sunny day?  I guess I should look that up.  But it has been a while.  I am am over the winter and my frustration with 5.5" of snow.  Ok, I am ready for spring.  So bring it on!!!!!!!  We just need to wait a few weeks.  

Tuesday AM Blog: Crazy temperatures this week with a few storms systems

Good Tuesday morning!  I hope your week has started off great!  Mine has been pretty good.  I really fought the migraines over the weekend, but in general it was a pretty good weekend.  The weather wasn't to shabby either.  We know we haven't had much snow, but we have had plenty of ice.  Winter isn't done yet, but our winter weather chances are decreasing.  Remember, in the HP (Heady Pattern) we have gone through 4 complete 51 day cycles and our currently on the 5th cycle.  This has been a...