Sycamore Cove Residents Still Locked In Homes By Flooding

Sycamore Cove Residents Still Locked In Homes By Flooding

Residents in Sycamore Cove, about two to three miles South of Wyandotte, continue to be trapped in their homes because of rising flood waters from grand lake submerging roads.

For Sycamore Cove resident Pat Scoggin the only way to get around is by ATV.

“Travel is a little limited. if you don’t have a four wheel drive pick-up you’re not getting out and then maybe not even,” says Scoggin.

He says friends call him the “Aqua-man.” But even the “Aqua-Man” loses when the water gets too deep.

Recent flooding from grand lake has trapped him and about ten other families in the area.

With the water rising about 8-10 inches each day, Scoggins home and truck are impossible to reach and floodwaters are threatening his ability to get to his bi-monthly chemo therapy appointment.

“I don’t know how this is going to play out, I hope the water just keeps going down. But it’s just barely moved right now about an inch.”

For the Ryan family this water makes the simplest of chores like running to get groceries an ordeal, adding about thirty minutes to their commute by boat.

“We’re on top of this hill. We gotta go through this about a quarter of a mile in this boat. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but we knew what we were getting into when we moved here,” says Sycamore Cove resident Timothy Ryan.

The Ryan’s have the furthest to go, about a mile trip total, they hope the roads will be clear come the work week.

“I gotta be at work at six o’ clock in the morning, clear up in Alba, Missouri which is north of Joplin and so we’re boating through it in the night with our lights and in the early morning in the dark, coming through with our lights and the boat and load the boat up go to work. Come home, and boat back across to get home.”

And what is an inconvenience for some regular residents is a paradise for those with vacation homes here.

“Definitely turning it into a positive, yeah. We’re having a pretty good time, catching a few fish and enjoying the day,” says vacationer Teresa Briley.

Wyandotte’s police chief was checking on residents. If the water drops about a foot they will be able to reach residents by ATV.

Chief Murphy recommends most flooded roads in the area be crossed by boat because they can drop off quickly, up to five feet.