Suspect treated for head injury after assault in Lamar

Police Lights

LAMAR, Mo. – A suspect is being treated for a head injury after police say he assaulted a woman and another person trying to help her.

On Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, Lamar Police officers went to a home on South Walnut St. for a disturbance, which was still underway when they got there.

In a release, the Police Department states that a male at the home was trying to sexually assault a female. Another male in the area heard the disturbance and came to the woman’s aid. The suspect then assaulted that male and continued an assault toward the female.

Authorities say in an effort to defend herself, the female hit the suspect on the head with a kitchen utensil.

When police got there, the suspect was still trying to assault the female. The suspect saw officers, fled, and later resisted officers as they arrested him. The suspect is being treated at the hospital for a head injury.

The Lamar Police Department continues investigating the incident. They will forward a request for charges to the prosecutor’s office.