Suspect in multiple auto thefts and armed robberies is in custody

Police apprehended Frank Espinoza in Ottawa County
Suspect in multiple auto thefts and armed robberies is in custody

Michael Friend woke up Sunday morning to find his family’s truck stolen.

“I think it was a random deal I think he just got started, and he’d wreck one, and he was just looking for the next one to steal and uh my number was up I guess.”

Ottawa County police say the suspect Frank Espinoza went on to steal a John Deere gator, threatening the owner with a gun.

They say that Espinoza then stole a gray pickup truck and their pursuit continued on Cayuga road in Ottawa County.

“We attempted to do a traffic stop on the vehicle and course that led the officers into a pursuit, during the pursuit we it’s a pretty lengthy pursuit we went all over the southern part of the county into multi pieces of land, housing areas, stuff like that, at one point he was shooting at officers including myself” said Sheriff Floyd.

Authorities say they ran Espinoza off the road where he then crashed into a pole. Espinoza then took off on foot.

“We led chase from that point and about 200 yards is probably what we had before actually catching him and putting him in custody” Sheriff Floyd added.

Social media has played a big role in locating Espinoza, his picture was shared around Facebook, prompting residents in surrounding areas to call in tips to the sheriff’s office.

“Anytime we get information we try and get it out there as much as we can so we can get that information to people because ultimately we need their help to bring someone like this to justice” added Sheriff Floyd.

Michael Friend is relieved he has his truck back and he hopes that justice is served.

“If it’s a drug related deal um you know that he gets dried out and gets his senses back to where he don’t do stuff like this anymore and if that’s not I hope authorities see to it that he don’t get out for a while.”

Sheriff Floyd confirmed drugs were found in the truck and that Espinoza is suspected to have been under the influence.
No one was severely hurt during the events. Sheriff Floyd did go to the hospital for torn ligaments in his right arm from when Espinoza put up a fight during arrest.