Security video of Joplin house fire drives home “important safety message”

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin Fire Department shares surveillance video from a Joplin house fire that happened on Sunday, Feb. 23. They say it provides an important safety message.

The Fire Department got the video from the family, and says, “The video we obtained from this fire drives home the importance of equipping your home with smoke alarms, developing escape plans with your family in the event of a fire, and also how quickly a fire can spread.”

The video shows a small child sleeping on the sofa when the fire starts on the front porch.

“This home was protected by a fire alarm system that when activated set off an audible alarm and advised there was a fire in the house. This woke the small child who reacted immediately by escaping the other direction, which according to family members is what they taught her,” the Joplin Fire Department posted to Facebook.

“This family was in real danger of being trapped and/or overcome by smoke and fire due to how quickly it was advancing. It took just a few seconds to become a free burning fire that had blocked the stairwell and front exit. If the alarm had not sounded it is possible that the family would not have have had time to escape to safety.”

“Please ask yourself these questions: Does your home have functioning smoke detectors? Have you taught your children what to do if there is a fire? What is your backup plan if you can’t get out of a house? This could very well save your life.”

There were no injuries due to the fire, which was ruled accidental.

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