Surprise Delivery: Allen County women work to make others smile

ALLEN COUNTY, Kan. – Kyleigh Hamlin has started a program with the goal of making others smile.

“I thought it would be a fun way to show that there are people that care and a fun way to have at least some sort of interaction with other humans,” says Hamlin.

She started the Facebook group Wine and Dash, where residents sign up to receive a gift basket with anything from a bottle of wine to board games and other treats.

But, there’s a twist. The goal is for the gifter to remain anonymous, so the person getting basket can be surprised to find it at their front door.

“It’s kind of nerve-racking because you hope they’re not home or their dogs don’t bark if they are,” says Hamlin. “There are actually ladies who take an even bigger risk and ding dong ditch style them, I do not run fast enough for that, so that’s a no for me. But, it’s pretty fun.”

The group started out pretty small but quickly grew to include people from all over Allen County, and even people in Neosho and Woodson counties.

“I created the group on May 20th, and by the 31st there were almost six hundred members. It blew my mind,” says Hamlin.

And now, they’re delivering “Splash and Dash” baskets with kites, toys, and candy to kids — thanks to 10-year-old Kali Joy.

“Some kids, when their parents got one, they were probably would wonder if like they could have one. So, I thought it would be fun for kids to do too so that they didn’t feel left out,” says Joy.

So one at a time, baskets are taken to unsuspecting residents, who will be in for a surprise that’s sure to put a smile on their face. Something that’s needing during pretty tough times.

“I hope that they are filled with joy and they just really like it and that they’re happy,” says Joy.

“There’s just too much negativity and hatred right now,” says Hamlin. “I want everybody to know that that is not everyone.”