Sullivan gets 300th win in Frontenac sweep over Galena

Frontenac head coach Bill Sullivan records his 300th career win.

GALENA, Kan. – (WATCH) Frontenac head baseball coach Bill Sullivan picks up his 300th career win in the Raiders sweep over Galena.

Sullivan now has 301 career wins with the pair of victories.

“We’ve had a lot of great guys come through in the last 23 years who have been a big part of this,” Sullivan says, “Everybody has a piece of it. There’s probably a couple hundred, 250…300 guys that have had a part in this and it just means a lot that I’ve been around long enough to be fortunate enough to do it.

“We were all really wanting to do it for him. He’s been a great coach for us,” says senior Kaston Fields, “He really wants the best for his kids and so he’s always pushed us to be the best. He also lets us have fun and enjoy it. ”

“I want them to come away…being better people,” Sullivan finishes, “And honestly, they’ve made me a better person.”