Storms knock down trees, causing power outages in Southwest Missouri

CARTHAGE, Mo.–David Bratt, who owns Pacific Trees in Joplin says Sunday night’s storm has business booming due to damage.

“We had pretty good winds…and any time you have weak trees and heavy winds that’s what is gonna happen,” Pratt said.

Many reports of damage from the storm have to do with tree limbs. 

Damage from the overnight storms can be found across the four states.

“Storms rolled in overnight, we had lots of wind damage so most of our damage that we saw was due to wind just breaking poles, wind causing limbs to fall off trees, we even had some complete trees fall down in town,” said Cassandra Ludwig, Director of Customer relations for Carthage Water and Electric.

Crews from Carthage water and electric say they responded to damage reports from these falling trees as early as 4:00 am.

“The wind brought some trees down, it tangled some of our primary lines together, so it was kind of a mixture of lines twisted and then trees coming down onto our primary,” said Jeff Moore, Lead Foreman for Carthage Water and Electric.

This left many Carthage residents without power early Monday morning, although Ludwig says crews didn’t let it last too long.

“All of that caused the outages that we saw this morning that we were able to get back up pretty quickly, fortunately, it happened in the early morning hours,” she said.

And if the area gets any more severe weather anytime soon, there are some precautions that can be taken to avoid an outage

“It’s always a good idea especially going into the wintertime to have maybe an emergency preparedness kit with water and other supplies you may need just in case there is an extended outage,” Ludwig said.

Although, Carthage Water and Electric say those situations are rare.