Storm Winds Bring Damage to Girard; Down Power Lines, Poles, Trees & Business

Storm Winds Bring Damage to Girard; Down Power Lines, Poles, Trees & Business

Stormy weather lands a blow to Girard, Kansas downing power lines and trees and destroying a foundry business.

While it’s not clear if it was straight lines winds or a small tornado, businesses and residents now must work to rebuild.

“We’ll throw the whole building away,” said Tyler Denham owner of Denco Foundry.

Denco employees today drug wood beams, siding and other debris to a dumpster. Strong winds demolished the structure of the Foundry leaving their future in limbo.

Employee Irving Guzman said, “It’s kind of hard to look at it, really, I don’t have a job now until he rebuilds, so.”

Denco was in the midst of planning an addition, another three thousand square feet to the foundry that would have added 3 or 4 employees. Now that will be put on hold while they go through construction.

Furnaces valued at forty thousand dollars each were ruined as the aluminum inside cooled and expanded. Denco is insured but Denham has concerns he’ll lose customers while rebuilding.

Next to the foundry, the crew at the Girard animal hospital worked to clear debris. Two by fours poked holes in the cattle barn and winds downed a fence.

Veterinarian Laura Morland said, “We were just very, very lucky. There’s just some damage to the roof and as you can see debris everywhere. No power and probably won’t have power for quite a while cause the poles were snapped. So that makes it difficult. We can’t work very well. Just had the dogs so everything’s fine. We’re extremely lucky.”

The fire chief who’s also emergency manager says dozens of power lines and poles were down but crews from at least nine surrounding communities are working to replace them .

For most residents clearing trees is the biggest part of the cleanup. And for some those trees did damage.

Homeowner Ralph Waldren said, “Tree pushed the window in, hole in the roof, ceiling in the living room’s gone. Other than that, thankful we’re all good.”

And while it could cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair, Waldren is looking on the bright side.

He said, “There’s no use getting upset. It’s life. You deal with it and go on. There’s tomorrow.”

Girard is already seeking a disaster declaration.