Storm leaves extensive damage to farm in Lamar

Homeowner will rebuild what was destroyed
Storm leaves extensive damage to farm in Lamar

A man in Lamar woke up to find that his beloved farm had been destroyed by Wednesday Night’s storm.

90 year old, Bob Gariss slept through the storm that damaged his farm. He canvased the area the morning after.

“We were pretty sure there was quite a lot of damage”

Trees had been uprooted from the ground, power lines were down and Gariss’s barn where he keeps livestock had been extremely damaged. One of the cattle inside was killed.

“To lose any of your livestock is a burden on you for a time but we have those things happen in life”

The storm had destroyed Gariss’s land on both sides of his house, but luckily, only shingles from the rooftop of his home had been blown off.

“Our home is safe and secure and that’s the main thing, nobody was hurt except for this animal and we can overcome this”

Neighbors and family came early in the morning and worked throughout the day to help get rid of the debris that was left behind.

Gariss’s daughter in law, Derenda Gariss is thankful for the support and help of their neighbors.

“It’s something you can’t replace you can’t take for granted the people you have, who are willing to help you because you know they have stuff they needed to do today and their willing to give up their time to help us out”

Derenda was shocked to see the damage that the storm had done but was more concerned for the safety of her in-laws.

“You are kind of in shock for a little bit ,you see it but then it’s like material things and that can be replaced and just thankful that they weren’t hurt in it”

Bob Gariss plans to rebuild what was destroyed, although he says it will take a lifetime.

He is hopeful but knows that anything can happen.

“It’s one of those things that comes along in life and you wonder…well what happens next?”