Storm Brings Down Trees that Damage a Home and Block a street

Storm Brings Down Trees that Damage a Home and Block a street

Storms with strong winds can put Joplin residents on edge especially children.

Today in one neighborhood a boy witnessed the power of today’s winds.

On Finley Avenue near 32nd street in Joplin, winds brought down a giant tree to completely cover the street.

That created a problem for drivers who take this street as a shortcut to Connecticut.

And the force of the storm winds was unsettling for a boy with autism who watched it happen.

Seven year old Lucas Waggoner says, “It was blowing in the wind and it crashed down.”

Lucas loves talking about the weather but having seen severe tornado damage to his home and others, Lucas has PTSD post -traumatic stress disorder.

His mom says they usually take shelter in this hallway but this storm seemed to simply erupt .

“It surprised me a lot. For a moment it was just raining and all of sudden we heard a big gush of wind heard some cracking and popping, and my son came and told me mom there’s a gustnado and it took out our neighbors tree,” Kim Waggoner recounts.

Lucas says he knows everything about weather. And while he was watching this rain storm, he’s usually taking cover if he hears sirens.

Kim says, “If the weather’s going to be bad the first thing he says is what does Doug Heady say. So we check to see what doug says and he has some medication to take the anxiety level down if we have to.”

“Does it scare you when storms come?” We asked Lucas.

“Yep, so frightening I just rushed right in the hallway.”

That’s where the family goes in times of severe storms. Kim says,

“And then we always make sure we have both of their medications in my purse along with all our documents and that way everything is right with us.”

While it was just branches this time the family is ready for worse.

“We have learned to prepare,” says Kim. “After the last one we learned to prepare.”

Neighbors say city crews are supposed to come to clear the road here. Another tree went down onto a house at “F” and Moffett streets causing some damage there.

Winds were believed to be blowing 55 to 65 miles an hour at the time.