Stone’s Throw Theatre announces changes to schedule, pricing

The theatre is aiming to be able to present its show "Bad Seed" in August.
Stone's Throw
Photo: Facebook/Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre


At our Board of Directors meeting on June 8, it was decided that due to current guidelines mandated by Missouri Governor Parsons pertaining to distancing and capacity that Stone’s Throw would be unable to present “Farce of Nature” in July as hoped.

Our next hope is that we will be able to present “Bad Seed” as originally planned in August. As of now the dates will be August 14-16 and 21-23. However, there is the possibility that some seating and capacity guidelines might still be in effect and that we might add additional performance on August 13 & 20. All of this is, of course, still in flux. We will inform you as soon as definite decisions are made.

We are as anxious as you are that things will get back to as near to normal as possible as soon as possible. But, our main concern, as always, is the safety of everyone involved.

Another issue that was necessary to discuss is the rising cost of food and other things necessary to operate the theatre. Therefore, it is with great reluctance that we have found it necessary to increase ticket prices by $2 each with the exception of children 6-12 which will remain the same at $12. The changes to our most commonly sold tickets would increase adult tickets to $29 and Seniors to $26. Season tickets would only increase by $5, from $110 to $115 and would include 5 shows, with the exception of the Christmas play.

Officially our 2020-21 Season begins with “Bad Seed” in August. However, we found it only fair to allow season ticket holders to apply their 2019-20 season ticket to that production.

This pandemic has taken its toll on all of us in some form or another. Hopefully, it has not affected you medically. If so, our prayers are certainly with you. But, as we all try to get through this mess together it is our hope that you will understand the decisions we have made and continue to support Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre with as much kindness and generosity as you have in the past.

On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to thank you and I remain sincerely yours,

Tom Brown