Stolen vintage Flying A Gasoline sign in Jasper, MO, recovered with the help of community members

But with the help of community members, it was a happy ending to the investigation.
Recovered Sign

JASPER, Mo. – A rare antique sign used, Flying A Gasoline, at a service station in Jasper, Missouri, along old highway 71 back in the 40’s and 50’s was stolen from the owner, back in April.

“He didn’t think he would ever see the sign again but I knew a guy named Barry Chorum, who was into old signs so I reached out to him and said hey this sign was stolen can you help me out” said Jasper Police Chief, Chad Karr.

Chief Karr says Barry Chorum went straight to work trying to find out who stole the sign and where it was.

“Without Barry, I don’t think we would have got it, I don’t know I’m not a sign expert, I don’t know who to call or where to contact, but it helps to know people who are in these types of groups and do these kind of hobbies.”

“I went back to Chief Karr with a name and he started doing research about this individual and shortly after, Chief Karr posted on Facebook looking for the sign and I think he tagged me in it…well the next day I had two people contact me about who stole the sign and who bought the sign” said Barry Chorum.

The sign ended up being in Oklahoma City after the person who stole it, sold it off…making retrieving it a bit harder… But Barry was able to get some help from his friend Jason Kearns.

“He called me again and said look Barry, I’m going to go pay that guy, the buyer with the sign, so he don’t have to take that big a hit, he said the sign business been good to me, it’s the right thing to do” said Chorum.

Kearns bought the sign back, drove to Oklahoma City to get it and brought it back to the owner, who Barry says has had it in his possession for 55 years.

“To lose that because of someone else’s greed, that’s not right.”

But with the help of community members, it was a happy ending to the investigation.

“It wasn’t just a piece of property, it was a piece of history” added Chief Karr.

The sign was returned to Jasper, Missouri and the owner on June 5th.