Steering Committee is making plans to establish a Boys & Girls Club in Parsons

News release from Downtown Parsons:

Parsons, KS – A steering committee was organized in February of this year to assess the need for and the possibility of establishing a Boys & Girls Club in our community. This committee is made up of individuals who have a genuine concern about the issues that face our community’s youth and includes staff from USD503, Parsons Housing Authority, Downtown Parsons, Labette Community College, Labette County Health Department, Youth Crisis Shelter, Parsons Police Department, Parsons Recreation Staff, Community Service Agencies, and Parsons City Staff.

“There are ten steps in bringing in a club to our town and the steering committee is on step 5 in the process,” said Yvonne Dodd, Steering Committee Chair, “this committee is dedicated and believes there is a need for a Boys & Girls Club in Parsons.”

Robin Schmidt, Richardson, TX, serves as Director, Organizational Development for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) and is responsible for initiating and providing consultation and support services to member organizations in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. She will be here on Wednesday, May 22 nd , discussing the Formula for Impact of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The meeting will take place at Arvon Phillips Community Center, 200 S Heacock, Multi-Purpose Room beginning at 5:30. We are asking the community to please come and be a part of this important undertaking. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what Clubs do. Your children are also welcomed.

No RSVP is necessary for the informational meeting.

If you have any questions, please call Yvonne Dodd, Steering Committee Chair

620-717-5050, or email her at