Staying prepared for when the weather takes a turn

When disaster stirkes, how prepared can you be? The Ozark Center helps the four state area with its emergency gameplan and provides locals with ways to find calm after the storm.

Debbie Fitzgerald: : And so we help people apply for resources to maybe get their roof fixed, or get their car repaired, or to be able to apply for funding through FEMA because maybe their insurance wasn’t adequate to get them restored to the level they were before the storm hit.

But they also care about what happens before the worst.

Debbie: So our Show Me Hope project will actually provide disaster preparedness training, and part of that training is called ‘Ready in Three.'”

This kit is a basic emergency supply kit filled with items that can come in handy or even be crucial in certain situation, like a flashlight. No phone light is nearly as effective as a heavy duty flashlight during an emergency. You also want to preserve your phone battery.

Debbie: If you want to use the ones that use batteries, have several batteries. But I prefer the crank-up one myself because then you don’t have to worry about the batteries going bad.

Other items include a hard-hat or helmet, a tough pair of gloves…

Debbie: Also some sturdy shoes. You can put in an old pair of shoes, maybe an old pair of high-top tennis shoes or boots that have a thick sole.

Debbie also recommends some water, or at least a way to purify water, a small first aid kid, and essential medication. Also, don’t forget a radio. Yes, a radio. Even in 2019, when there’s no internet, phone service, or cable, this magical device allows us to stay in the loop. And last but not least…

Debbie: If people have pets, you may need to think about whether your pet is on medication, does your pet need anything…We recommend keeping an emergency kit at work if possible. If you can’t keep it in your work space, keep it in the trunk of your car because you might be at work when a disaster occurs. At home, you want to keep it in your shelter or your safe place, your basement, your safe room, and if you don’t have one keep it under your bed.