Staying hot & quiet for Tuesday – Nick

Watching for some possible rain chances in the forecast

Good early Tuesday morning, everyone. Needless to say, our hot and humid stretch of weather continued once again as we kicked off a new work week. After another warm start with lows in the upper 70s to near 80, we went right back into the middle 90s Monday afternoon. The humidity made it feel like it was between 102 and 109 during the afternoon. We do have some changes that we’re watching down the line, though. The first is down below.


While the warm front to the north brought severe t-storms to parts of the Great Lakes yesterday evening, we’ll focus on the cold front to our west that will try to bring some slight rain chances our way fairly soon. Looking upstairs, that cold front will start edging closer once the upper-level low over northern Idaho starts to push things along. For another day, though, the upper-level high is in control of our weather.


Our Tuesday will start on another warm and muggy note with lows in the upper 70s. Under mostly sunny skies and a breezy south wind, we’ll have no problem getting back into the 90s this afternoon. However, we’ll be a touch cooler with the upper-level high shifting just far enough to the east. Plus, that will take the edge off of the humidity a little bit. Still, highs in the lower 90s with the humidity could make feels like temperatures range between 95 and 100 during the upcoming afternoon.


We’ll do it all again for Wednesday. Once we get past another warm start with lows in the middle to upper 70s, partly sunny skies will let highs climb back into the lower 90s. The humidity could make temperatures feel like the middle to upper 90s for Wednesday afternoon.


Heading into Wednesday evening and Wednesday night, we will have that cold front approach close to the area to our northwest. We’ll watch for some scattered t-storms to develop along and just ahead of the front. While the bulk of those t-storm chances should stay just to our northwest, there’s a chance that a couple of those t-storms could try to sneak into a few of our communities northwest of I-44. If they can work in, they could be strong (but not severe).


That approaching cold front will be due to the upper-level ridge being squashed from the upper-level low to the north. That, and the upper-level high being shifted around through Thursday and Friday, will let the front stick around and keep slight t-storm chances in the forecast for both Thursday and Friday. Even with all of that, it won’t completely scrub out the heat. We’ll keep highs in the lower 90s for both Thursday and Friday.


After the frontal system moves on, the upper-level ridge will continue to maintain control of our skies for over the weekend and into early next week.


Even with the ridge centered over us, it still looks as though it might weaken some and allow for some haze to pull in from the south. That combination, if it holds in the extended forecast, could keep highs in the lower 90s. On top of that, we could also see that result in some lower humidity. Not only would that make the afternoons a little more bearable, it would allow overnight lows to drop back near 70. Don’t forget that Doug has your updated long-range forecast below. Have a great Tuesday!


June 21st-25th: Except for a warm Tuesday, mainly hot for the week. Slight t-storm chances Tuesday through Friday. We’ll watch for a possible severe threat Thursday. Dry for Saturday.

June 26th-July 2nd:  Temperatures look hot for Sunday. After a warm stretch Monday through Wednesday, we’ll turn hot again for the rest of the week. Slight t-storm chances Sunday (with a severe threat) and slight t-storm chances for Monday and Tuesday. Returning slight t-storm chances for Friday and Saturday.

July 3rd-July 9th: Hot for Sunday before we stay warm for the 4th, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, hot temperatures return for the rest of the week. Slight t-storm chances for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

July 10th-July 16th: Hot temperatures this week. Slight t-storm chances Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

July 17th-July 23rd: Warm for Sunday and Monday before hot temperatures return for the rest of the week. Slight t-storm chances Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday.

July 24th-July 30th: With the exception of a warm Thursday and Friday, hot for the week. Slight t-storm chances Sunday through Wednesday.

July 31st-August 6th: Hot for much of the week before we back down to warm temperatures by Friday and Saturday. Slight t-storm chances Monday through Friday.