Secret Codes Camp Unlocks Mystery of Reading

     Many kids are going to summer camp.
     One  camp at Pittsburg State University  is designed to prevent reading failure for the kids.
     The Secret Codes Camp is hosted by the Center for Research, Evaluation and Awareness of Dyslexia.

On Tuesday, fifth  grader Kaleb Lee rattled off as many words from a list as he could. Its what they call the Madminute. A baseline test of fluency and understanding. Reading is sometimes a struggle.
Kaleb said, "I do my best. If I don
t know a word, I might ask somebody."
His mom says he was getting a little behind in school  and won
t read for pleasure.
Brenda Lee worried,   "He loves  science and math,  but you give  him information on it,  and he
s easily  bored."
One in five students struggles with dyslexia or difficulty reading.

Ah, ah, ah,  zz, zz, zz. Those are both voice sounds, explains PSU graduate assistant and camp instructor Megan Van Wey.
Kaleb and others are  taking part in secret codes camp where the goal is to become a more competent and efficient reader and  it starts with letter  sounds before letter names.
Van Wey said, "That the letters make to help them put those sounds together into words."
Linguistic building blocks.

Kalebs mom likes that it goes back to the beginning. She said, They use sound instead of saying the alphabet at all. And  they go back to the very  beginning, so in case he missed something  along the way, hopefully, hell get it this time.

Dr. David Hurford says the secret code curriculum is a different approach to the English writing system which is difficult to learn.
"We have nine different  ways to represent  the long e sound,
said Hurford. He added,    "The English writing system   produces the highest level of adult illiteracy of any writing system."
s even tougher  for those with dyslexia which he says is the inability to connect sound to print.
Its a real challenge if you're neurological system wasnt built to read more easily. Its gonna be way more challenging.
Hes written a book on it to help those with dyslexia understand their own struggle. It includes a list of famous actors, authors and movie producers who live with dyslexia. It includes Stephen Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston. Hurford said, It's not related to intelligence at all.
The center for READing is open year  round and Dr. Hurfords curriculum has been adopted  by some school districts. He calls it an inoculation to reading failure.
Hurford said,
In the fifth day of instruction, theyre  actually reading words And so, their confidence builds up and its fun to do something you've struggled to do.
Its a patented curriculum and Kalebs mom says,  "I have high hopes ."   

 While the camp has started. It will accept more registrations this week.

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