State lawmakers and community members remember Tom Schweich as exceptional auditor

State lawmakers and community members remember Tom Schweich as exceptional auditor
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The cause of death of Missouri state auditor Tom Schweich has been ruled as an “apparent suicide” by gunshot this morning in his St. Louis home.

State lawmakers remember Tom Schweich as an exceptional auditor.

“I would consider him to be the best auditor this state has ever seen and possibly the country,” said state representative Charlie Davis, District 162.

Schweich was a Republican, but state representatives say he performed his job in a nonpartisan fashion.

“Whether you were Republican, Democrat, rich, poor, city or small town, he held you up to the letter of the law,” Davis said.

Known for his integrity and efficiency, lawmakers also remember Schweich for his kind and personable demeanor.

“He was always very motivated,” said state representative Bill White, District 161. “It was just his personality. He was outgoing.”

Schweich often visited Southwest Missouri, and served as a regular speaker at the Jasper County Republican Committee’s annual fundraiser, which Schweich was scheduled to speak at this coming Saturday in Joplin.

“He always spoke with passion and conviction,” said Jimmy Morris, chair of the Jasper County Republican Committee. “Whether you agreed with him on everything or not, you didn’t have to wonder what he stood for.”

Schweich’s passion for doing what he believed to be right is one of the qualities many feel would have made him a good governor.

“I endorsed Tom running for governor,” White said. “I thought he would make an excellent governor. He has one of the highest levels of integrity out of anybody I’ve met.”

“He would have been a good governor, but what is going to be missed the most is his friendships,” Davis said. “He was a good friend to all of us legislators, as well as to the people of the state of Missouri.”

That’s why lawmakers feel Schweich’s death has left a large void in Missouri politics.

“The state will be a lesser place because he is not here,” White said.

Schweich recently announced his candidacy for governor in 2016, and was scheduled to be in Joplin next Tuesday to announce findings of an audit involving the Joplin School District.