Spring Hill Assisted Living staff make sure residents have a special Thanksgiving

They got the Thanksgiving meal works with turkey, mac and cheese, green bean casserole and more.
spring hill thanksgiving

NEOSHO, Mo. – The residents of Spring Hill Assisted Living Center in Neosho would normally be celebrating Thanksgiving with visits from family and friends.

But this year because of the pandemic, they are unable to.

“This year is a lot different than normal because of the COVID restrictions. So we, as a team, what we decided to do was make it as special as we can for the residents because unfortunately family can’t come inside, so we want to communicate with them and show them that we’re taking care of our residents” said Lifestyle Coordinator, Julie Sullivan

So the staff at the center wanted to give them a memorable Thanksgiving.

“We’re just trying to keep it as fun and high energy for them as we can to make it really special from making fantastic meal to having special treats made from staff” added Sullivan.

They got the Thanksgiving meal works with turkey, mac and cheese, green bean casserole and more.

“Instead of a classic buffet because of COVID restrictions we can’t do those kind of things and we can’t have some of the table settings that we normally have but what we’re going to do is we’re going to serve them and we’re definitely going to load up their plate with all of the homemade goodies and foods” said Sullivan.

And residents were surprised with dishes brought in by their family members as well, to give them a taste of home.

“They’ve brought dishes to share and we had one resident who her son special requested her special recipe and so our Chef was amazing and she made it for her so we really just want to accommodate however we can” added Sullivan.

Residents also created crafts writing down what they are thankful for right now.

“As they go to their rooms they can see and have that visual reminder” added Sullivan.

Bringing a sense of gratitude and love during a time that is uncertain.

“I just think they’re really going to enjoy it and even though it will look a little bit different, it will be a thanksgiving memory that they will cherish​” said Sullivan.