Kansas City Chiefs designated as Missouri's official pro football team

Missouri lawmakers have passed a resolution designating the Kansas City Chiefs the official professional football team of Missouri. 

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 4:

Relating to the designation of the Kansas City Chiefs as the official professional football team of the state of Missouri.

Whereas, the Kansas City Chiefs are Missouri's professional National Football League team; and

Whereas, Lamar Hunt was instrumental in the creation of the Kansas City Chiefs when he brought
the franchise to Kansas City from Dallas, Texas in 1963, when the team was known as the Dallas Texans;

Whereas, a fan contest determined the name "Chiefs" in honor of the nickname of Mayor Harold Roe
Bartle, who persuaded Hunt to bring the team to Kansas City; and

Whereas, the Chiefs initially were a franchise in the American Football League, prior to its merger
with the National Football League; and

Whereas; before merging with the National Football League, the Chiefs were the most successful
team in AFL during the 1960s; and

Whereas, that success led to the Kansas City Chiefs being a part of the first Super Bowl, and the
winning team in Super Bowl IV against the Minnesota Vikings; and

Whereas, over the years, the Kansas City Chiefs have had many successful seasons and many all-pro
players; and

Whereas, the team and its players have been an important part of the city and state:

Now Therefore Be It Resolved by the members of the Missouri Senate, One-hundredth General
Assembly, First Regular Session, the House of Representatives concurring therein, hereby designate the
Kansas City Chiefs as the official professional football team of the state of Missouri; and

Be It Further Resolved that the Secretary of the Missouri Senate be instructed to send a properly
inscribed copy of this resolution to the Governor for his approval or rejection pursuant to the Missouri

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