Spiva class teaches film photography in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. – In this digital age, a Joplin photographer is bringing back film photography with a class explaining the ins and outs of analog cameras.camera

The focus of the first class is on shooting, but later on, Ashley Eriksen will take her students through the dark room process, developing film the old-fashioned way.

Eriksen studied abroad in Sweden, developing her black and white portfolio, going on to win awards for her work with Photo Spiva.camera

Now, she’s passing on her knowledge, and it feels good.

“I really wanted to be the person that people would come to and ask those questions because my mentor was able to do that for me, and to be able to pass on some of that information is really, really wonderful for me,” said Eriksen.

The class costs $175 per person. That includes two class sessions.