Special Needs Class Gets the Chance at Prom

Special Needs Class Gets the Chance at Prom

A local Pittsburg family wanted to give their daughter a sweet 16 party she’d never forget. She has special needs and the party was an opportunity for her entire class to have a chance to dress up and have a good time together.
It’s a day in Hollywood and Orion is the star of show. She poses for pictures, walks the red carpet and dances with friends and family. “Ori” is celebrating her sweet 16, a milestone for any teenager but something her family wanted to make extra special.
“She has kleefstra syndrome, it’s a rare genetic disorder that affects chromosome number 9. From birth it’s been hard, she kind of stayed in a baby stage for a long time, and she didn’t walk until she was almost 5. She’s been fighting since she’s been here so today she deserves to be treated like a princess,” says her mom, Arlene Wesley.
Wesley says the day isn’t just about her daughter, she invited all of Ori’s classmates .
“Just to be themselves and not to worry about anybody treating them funny, looking at them funny or getting bullied at the dance,” says Wesley.
A few special guests put a big smile on Ori’s face, her teachers.
“I just think it was very important to be here because we have such a good relationship. And she’s not only my student, she’s also my friend and someone I really care about,” says her teacher Amber Kloster.
Kindness and dedication the student’s families appreciate, even Ori’s 13 year old sister who understands the challenges her sister faces.
“Seeing that people are accepting her for who she is and not for what she is, is a really nice thing,” says Tionna Wesley.
Many of these teens don’t have the chance to dress up and go dance often, something they’d all like to see change.
“They’re just like everyone else. They want to have fun just like everyone else and they want to be involved in the community and I think it really important to get them involved,” says Kloster.
Ori’s mom also invited the special needs class from the middle school to the party .