Spark funds available for COVID-19 help in Crawford County

Sanitizer, Something That Can Be Bought With Spark Funds

PITTSBURG, Ks. – The Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is getting the word out about the availability of SPARK funds.

The funds are administered through the Crawford County commission and can assist local small businesses affected by the current pandemic.

Grant amounts range from $1000 to $20,000, and uses include COVID-19 signage, personal protective equipment, payroll, and other pandemic related expenses.

But Crawford County Commissioner Jeremy Johnson says it’s not just local businesses that are eligible for the SPARK funds.

“With the SPARK funding, the state has made clear that it is available both to for-profit and nonprofit entities, so if there are nonprofits around that have taken a hit, for lack of customers or having to cut back on services and that kind of thing, those places will also be able to apply for the same funding,” said Commissioner Johnson.

If you run a Crawford County business or nonprofit and would like to apply for SPARK funds, click here.