Southwest Missouri pet breeder makes American Humane Societies “Horrible Hundred” list

ANDERSON, Mo – The American Humane Society releases their annual “Horrible Hundred” list, which details cases of alleged abuse or neglect for specific breeders in the United States.

Southwest Missouri breeder “Select Pets” was featured on this year’s list.

According to the American Humane Society, inspectors found an unresponsive dog at “Select Pets,” along with strong odors in the building and mold in some of the dog’s food.

Find the full report here: 2020-Horrible-Hundred

Report includes the following on Select Pets in Anderson, Mo:

Anderson, Missouri: Joyce Walters, Select Pets (repeat offender)—Listless, “minimally responsive” dog
found during inspection was barely moving; building had strong odors and some dogs had molded feed.
Even after being cited repeatedly in prior years for grave animal care violations, little seems to have changed at
Select Pets since our 2018 Horrible Hundred report. In July 2019 the USDA gave Joyce Walters a direct violation,
one of the most serious types of violations, for a dog who seemed to be lifeless and possibly dying. The inspector
found a female silky terrier described as follows: “[she] was noted to be listless in her enclosure. Upon closer
examination, the dog had a rectal temperature of 97.2 degrees Fahrenheit. A normal canine temperature
generally ranges from 101 to 102.5. It was noted that watery stool was coming from the dog’s rectum while
taking the temperature. […] The dog laid minimally responsive for the entire examination. At that time, the
inspection was stopped for the licensee to seek veterinary attention for the dog immediately.”
During the same inspection, the inspector documented that “the whelping room had a very strong odor” and
there was no ventilation. In addition, there were two feeders “that contained molded feed.” The licensee had 78
dogs and puppies at the time of the inspection.
Similar issues have been found at the facility in prior years. As we noted in our 2018 Horrible Hundred report, in
2017, a USDA inspector found puppies who were in three cages that had not been cleaned in three days and had
“fecal material matted in the hair of their feet.” Not only were the puppies apparently left to walk around in their
own feces for three days, but the violation was noted as a repeat problem at the facility. During the same
inspection, the inspector also found a Yorkie with blood in her stool: “bright red blood was observed to be in the
stool of a female Yorkshire Terrier (4C41545440). The dog was observed passing the bloody stool by the
Select Pets also appeared in our May 2016 Horrible Hundred report due to numerous violations found in prior
years. For example, in August 2015, a USDA inspector found two dogs without water at Select Pets. When the
inspector requested that the licensee provide water, she then witnessed the following heartbreaking scene: “at
the sight of the licensee approaching the enclosure with the water bowl one of the dogs stood on its hind legs
and pawed at the enclosure door anxiously.” The inspector added that, “when provided water both dogs drank
continuously for an extended period of time.” And issues noted by USDA inspectors in 2015 included: dogs with
hair loss and scabs; an odor of ammonia (from bodily wastes) in the whelping building; three litters of puppies
housed on wire flooring whose legs were falling through the wire, which is a dangerous risk for entrapment or
injury; matted dogs and dogs with overgrown toenails; and dogs standing in filthy, wet enclosures.
Select Pets did pass some of its inspections in 2019, but at its last attempted inspection in March 2020, no one
was made available to show the facility to inspectors, which is a violation. Select Pets has a Class B license with
the USDA, which means it can operate as a broker (reseller) in addition to a commercial breeder.