Southeast Kansas charter school has focus on agriculture and environment

Many kids today think food comes from grocery stores, but at a Southeast Kansas charter school they’re learning the true source.

T he Service Valley Charter Academy is a school that teaches lessons through agriculture and the environment.

S tudents here are planting produce in gardens, raising four steer – responsible for feedings and tracking weight gain, and kindergartners collect more than a dozen eggs from chickens raised right here.

The school meets all state standards but teachers say the curriculum is blended in with other responsibilities.

“T he third and fourth grade went out and measured out the garden plots using rulers, getting the area,” says Theresa Farris, the charter manager and kindergarten teacher. “That will stick in their head a lot more than doing it on paper and pencil, or even doing it in the classrooms.”

T he schools front garden is a home to Monarch butterflies with plants grown to help feed them and be a place for them to reproduce.