‘Something cool is coming to Pittsburg’ billboard stirs curiosity

“What’s coming?” “Who’s behind it?”

A billboard in Pittsburg, Kansas is stirring up questions. The sign reads, “Something cool is coming to Pittsburg.”

It was put up after October 7th on E. 4th Street near The Lord’s Diner (across from the Frisco Freight Event Center).

An advertisement like that does its job. It catches people’s attention and gets them talking. It also got the KOAM newsroom talking. So we made a few calls.

A few officials with the City and Chamber of Commerce say they have no idea what the sign is about. They even asked a few people around them, but no one is admitting to having knowledge about it.

KOAM then called Lamar Advertising, the company that owns the billboard. According to their Springfield office, the customer behind the sign did not want to be named. KOAM was told, however, that there will be another billboard. The next one will go up on the other side of town around October 21st.

For now, the mystery remains.

‘Something cool is coming to Pittsburg’ billboard stirs curiosity


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