Some residents in Anderson claim Bubs Inc. is destroying their quality of life

Bubs Inc. denies all claims
Some residents in Anderson claim Bubs Inc. is destroying their quality of life

Janie Plummer and her neighbors in rural Anderson voiced their concerns to representatives from the Department of Natural Resources about Bubs Inc.during a public meeting on Tuesday, June 25th.

“This is about holding Bubs Inc. accountable for ruining our quality of life in our rural area”

Residents claim that Bubs Inc., an Agricultural Enterprise is spreading excessive amounts of animal and septic waste as fertilizer, causing run off onto their properties and polluting their water and air. They also claim that the company is spreading at all hours of the day and during rain events. They say the Bubs Inc. trucks are destroying their roads.

“It makes me angry, it makes me hurt it makes me upset because it’s like our hands are tied, it makes me want to say hey stop what you’re doing and look, look at what you’re doing, you’re destroying peoples way of life” Plummer added.

Despite residents claims, the DNR says they have found no violations against Bubs Inc.

“Those are compelling things that they showed us, but they don’t necessarily show any violation, you know your water can become contaminated but it can be from anywhere, we’ve got to prove what’s happening here, so I’m not discounting what they’ve shown us I’m just saying we don’t have any evidence of what’s causing that at this point” said Regional Director Cindy Davies.

But with the abundance of concern from residents at the meeting, the DNR will be looking further into the complaints.

“It is concerning you know the things they are saying we have been out several times were looking to make sure there’re no issues we’ve sampled recently so were looking to make sure we can address their concerns” added Davies.

Bub Taylor, the owner of Bubs Inc. declined to go on camera but provided KOAM with a full statement that is provided below.
Residents like Plummer hope change will come.

“Were stewards of the land, were to protect it to protect the waters were not to ruin it and destroy it.”

Bub Taylor, the owner of Bubs Inc. provided KOAM with a full statement that you can find below.
Some residents in Anderson claim Bubs Inc. is destroying their quality of life

Some residents in Anderson claim Bubs Inc. is destroying their quality of life

The DNR also provided criteria for residents if the problems continue.

‘Call criteria:
— When you witness land applied material coming onto your property, especially when it’s dry weather –This is the most important issue to call on since it will provide the best evidence of a violation. We will make every attempt to respond immediately on these calls.
— When it rains and your property borders Bub’s –These calls need to coincide with rainfall and recent land application so it will provide us an opportunity to respond when we know storm water that could be carrying land applied material will be running off the property, and we can collect samples.
— When you see a Bub’s septic truck going to Bub’s land–Note this is when you see trucks labeled as SEPTIC, not just any truck. We will track this information and work to make sure that nothing is being land applied other than what the company has fertilizer exemptions for.
— When you feel your land is being violated in some way by Bub’s–As discussed at the meeting, the primary violations that apply right now to the business involve run off of fertilizer/applied waste onto neighboring properties or water bodies. Excessive calls regarding issues we cannot regulate will not benefit anyone.

Where to call:
— During normal business hours (M-F, 8-5) call the Southwest Regional Office at (417) 891-4300 – tell the receptionist you are calling about Bubs and need to speak to a Water Pollution supervisor (you can also ask specifically for Tina, Kevin, Randall or Cindy).
— After hours and weekends call the Department’s emergency number at (573) 634-2436

Please do not call for the following issues:
— When you see or hear spreading at night – The Department has recommended they don’t land apply at night, but we cannot prohibit them from doing so.
— When you smell odor – Since this is considered an agricultural activity, the odors are exempt from regulation. As we discussed, we do understand that you disagree with the classification of agricultural; we have taken note of that and are reviewing that criteria.’

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