So, what’s up with the purple street lights? Or are they blue?

PITTSBURG, Kan. – If you drive in Pittsburg, you may notice something a little off about the nighttime lighting: purple street lights.

Some see purple, some see blue (even cameras sometimes don’t agree). But, at any rate, that’s not on purpose. According to Evergy, the issue with the lights “allows too much of that blue-purple light spectrum to come through which changes the color of the light.”

And it’s not just an issue in Pittsburg, Kansas.

KOAM Producer Jake Tackeberry put together a report on the cause behind the issue, concerns surrounding it and what to expect in the future.

Spoiler alert on one of the points: Evergy does plan to replace them. Their focus will start in Wichita, where they had more than 4,000 lights malfunction.

Pittsburg has a number of purple street lights that will need to be replaced. If you see a blue/purple light, you can report it to Evergy at

The lights aren’t just in Kansas. The LED lights are showing up nationwide.

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