Snowflake’s Snack Shack: Pet food pantry coming to Joplin

Snowflake’s Snack Shack: Pet food pantry coming to Joplin
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A pet food pantry is coming to Joplin to make sure local dogs and cats don’t go hungry.

Ann Leach, who works as a mental health professional with the Ozark Center, recognized a need in the community after witnessing homeless people and their pets struggling to stay full.

She came up with the idea to create “Snowflake’s Snack Shack,” named after her once homeless kitty, to help any pet-lover who may fall on hard times.

Leach is partnering with the Joplin Humane Society as a drop-off location for pet food donations, with hopes of securing a location for the Snack Shack by the end of April.

The idea is to open the doors for two hours on a Saturday each month. Volunteers will pack pet food into manageable plastic bags to be distributed at the designated location, once it’s chosen.

“It’s not just for the homeless. I’m thinking the terminally ill who can’t get out and they could have a neighbor run by and pick up some food, or even a young family that got the shots and did everything they’re supposed to do, but suddenly Dad loses his job,” explained Leach.

“The last thing you wanna do is not feed your animals, and so it’s great that they don’t have to be embarrassed, and they don’t have to go without food themselves, and they can still help their furry friends,” said Robert Rauch with the Joplin Humane Society.

During the upcoming performance of “Cats” by the Midwest Regional Ballet in Pittsburg, Kansas, patrons can bring in cat or dog food to receive a free signed poster from the cast.

Audience members will also have the opportunity to enter a dollar for a chance to win a framed, signed poster. All proceeds will benefit the Joplin Humane Society and the SEK Humane Society.

If you can’t make it to “Cats” on April 11, and you’d still like to volunteer or donate to Snowflake’s Snack Shack, you can call Ann Leach at 417-438-6808.