‘SNL’ shows what life would’ve been like if Trump were never elected president

Instead of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” it was a “Wonderful Trump” on “Saturday Night Live.”

The NBC variety show kicked off its holiday show Saturday night with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump playing the George Bailey role and getting to see what it would be like if he were never elected president.

“Wow, everyone looks so different,” Baldwin’s Trump said of this new world. “What are those things on their faces?”

“Those are smiles,” Kenan Thompson’s angel told the fake Trump.

Baldwin’s Trump ran into many in his staff who were now taking on different roles. His press secretary Sarah Sanders, played by Aidy Bryant, now did public relations for Facebook, dating site Ashley Madison and “the romaine lettuce association.” His son Eric Trump (Alex Moffat) was brilliant and his vice president Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) was a DJ.

“Thank God I was never your vice president,” the fake Pence as a DJ said. “I would just be sitting in meetings with you, [Nancy] Pelosi and [Chuck] Schumer just staring out into space.”

The fake Trump also ran into Brett Kavanaugh, played by this week’s host Matt Damon, who was not a US Supreme Court justice in this reality.

“Me on the Supreme Court? With my temperament? Are you insane?” Damon’s Kavanaugh said. “They went with that nerd Merrick Garland.”

Damon’s Kavanaugh added that “on the plus side when I tell people that I like beer they find it charming and not like I’m threatening violence.”

Baldwin’s Trump said that this world was “so great” because it was like Robert Mueller didn’t exist. After he said that Robert De Niro appeared as the special counsel.

“It sounds like you know I used to be president,” Baldwin’s Trump said to this alternate reality Mueller.

“Oh I know everything,” De Niro’s Mueller said. “Everything.”

At the end of the sketch, Trump said he’d had an epiphany that the world needs him as president.

“Yeah, that was not the lesson at all,” Thompson’s angel said.

Kellyanne Conway, played by Kate McKinnon, appeared as a bell was ringing.

“Listen Donald, every time a bell rings, someone you know quits or goes to jail,” she said before wishing everyone a merry Christmas and saying the show’s signature line, “Live… from New York! It’s Saturday night!”